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Caribbean Headquarters

C.E.O. International Cargo S.A.

For over 40 years, Oceans Consolidators Inc. has been offering quality service to its customers. Ten years ago we began operations in the Dominican Republic under our wholly owned subsidiary C.E.O. International Cargo, SRL. The purpose behind this venture was to add value to our level of service at destination for one of our strongest markets. C.E.O. has evolved into much more than we originally had anticipated. While we don’t share the same name, through technology and two excellent teams we operate as one seamless unit. As our Caribbean Headquarters continues to grow we have identified new avenues by which C.E.O. can expand its service offerings to existing and new customers.

C.E.O. International Cargo, S.A., located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, is a full Service Logistics partner offering its import and export services to business clientele and freight forwarders / NVOCCs worldwide.

CEO offers International Freight Forwarders and NVOCCS its services as a logistics partner in the Dominican Republic. Whether our partners require presentation of documents (master and house bill of lading), full container loads, deconsolidation, and door service or customs clearance; CEO is equipped to handle any and all projects required by our partners. We offer our services to our international partners with discretion and accuracy. We understand the need for a reliable international partner and welcome you to consider our services.

*Foreign Entity consultation – assists U.S. clients in organizing operations in the Dominican Republic.

C.E.O. International Cargo, S.R.L.
Ave. Abraham Lincoln No.609
Plaza Alexandra, Local B4-11
Tel. 809-565-4927 / 809-567-0269
Fax: 809-565-2897

CEO also works directly with clients both internationally and locally. Our clients can select from our import or export services, including but not limited to:

Export Services

Full Container Load
Less Than Container Load
Air Freight
Export Consulting

Import Services

Customs Clearance
Door Delivery
Import Consulting

Agent Services

Document Presentation
Deconsolidation Air/Ocean
Collection Services
Ground Services
Documentation Outsourcing