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U.S. Exports

Importing freight into the United States is an extremely detailed and time-sensitive process. Oceans Consolidators Inc. is its own Customs House Broker; meaning, we do not outsource customs brokerage or any customs services to a 3rd party. We, as customs brokers must provide accurate and timely information to U.S. Customs in order for freight to be released and avoid additional import charges.

When choosing a logistics partner to export your freight from the United States to its final destination, it is important to analyze what value-added services you’re going to receive. At Oceans Consolidators Inc., we add value by ensuring that your packing lists match your invoices, properly blocking and bracing your containers and use the proper dunnage to safeguard your goods.

Ocean Freight

Our goal is to find you the best available combination of services to minimize your costs and transit time, this includes but is not limited to, door to port / port to port / etc. This is achieved by looking at all the factors involved for each individual customer, and each individual shipment. Analyzing different trade lanes, inland combinations at origin and destination (All Motor, Motor/Rail), shipping lines, transshipment points. The goal is always to have your freight arrive on time and within a specified budget. We feel that these steps are conducive to providing the highest level of service available and are paramount to a customer’s ability to make informed decisions.

Full Container Loads (FCL)

We offer Full Container Load Service from anywhere within the United States, to any destination worldwide. We provide the empty container, (20’, 20’ Flat Rack*, 20’ Reefer*, 20’ Open Top*, 40’ Standard, 40’ HC, 40’ Flat Rack, 40’ Open Top*, 45’*, 45’ x 102*, 40’ Reefer, 40’ Non-Operating Reefer*) once container is ready we provide a variety of services to ensure its timely delivery to its final destination.

Less Than Container Loads (LCL)

When a customer does not have enough freight to fill their own container, we offer LCL as an alternative. Depending on the destination, this service is usually weekly and can range from sending one carton to several pallets or pieces. The value of this service is in sharing the cost of the container with other customers shipping to the same destination. This is a viable service to smaller customers, and is sustainable to their ability to compete in the market; while maintaining reasonable logistics costs.

Air Freight

When expedited service is required, we provide Air Freight services to destinations worldwide. As an Indirect Air Carrier, we follow all the rules and regulations set forth by the TSA’s Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program. Compliance with this regulatory agency ensures that your air cargo will not experience any delays in departure. Through contracts with various Cargo Airlines, we offer service via carriers that are experienced in handling freight. As with other services, we strive to find the most direct route available, to make certain the elevated cost of Air Freight is justified.


Providing Cargo Insurance for your freight is of extreme importance. There is always a risk associated with shipping, whether that be via ocean, air, or truck. We recommend and provide insurance, offering competitive rates; covering all risk with no deductible (for the majority of commodities). Our insurance is underwritten by a major Cargo Insurance Carrier via Roanoke Trade. Many customers expect that while under the carrier’s possession, said carrier should be responsible for their cargo. This is not the case. Carriers are only responsible for a limited amount of coverage; in most cases not enough to cover even a small percentage of cargo’s value and shipping cost. Once your cargo leaves your supplier’s facility or our warehouse it is no longer covered under any insurance. While we never expect to have losses, they are a possibility, and our strongest recommendation will be to always insure your freight.

Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)

The handling of Hazardous Materials is a delicate and highly regulated process when exporting from the United States. In the United States, the movement of hazardous materials is regulated by the DOT for over the road shipments, IMDG Code for ocean shipments, and IATA for Air Shipments. We have individuals within our company that are certified in the handling of Hazardous Materials and documentation for all modes of transportation. We are experienced in preparing Hazardous Material Documentation, and verifying the same when provided by suppliers.

Bonded Cargo

As Customs Brokers, and Bonded Facility Providers, we handled the customer’s needs in house. This allows us to ensure all documentation is prepared and filed properly with US Customs. Even in cases when we don’t act as the broker or document preparation agent; our expertise allows us to verify the documentation is in good order, and request revisions when required. As a bonded facility provider, we offer our customers the convenience of loading their bonded cargo with domestic freight already in our possession.

Ground Services

We offer our customers the convenience of picking up freight on their behalf, directly from their suppliers. We offer this service through various brokers, who compete to offer us the best available price and delivery time.