U.S. Imports

Importing freight into the United States is an extremely detailed and time-sensitive process. Oceans Consolidators Inc. is its own Customs House Broker; meaning, we do not outsource customs brokerage or any customs services to a 3rd party. We, as customs brokers must provide accurate and timely information to U.S. Customs in order for freight to be released and avoid additional import charges.

When choosing a logistics partner to export your freight from the United States to its final destination, it is important to analyze what value-added services you’re going to receive. At Oceans Consolidators Inc., we add value by ensuring that your packing lists match your invoices, properly blocking and bracing your containers and use the proper dunnage to safeguard your goods.


Import Security Filing (10+2) as required by US Customs must be filed 24 hrs prior to vessel sailing from the origin port. This means that we must work closely with shippers and agents in the origin country in order to file the ISF on time. Inaccurate or Untimely filing may result in a $5,000.00 liquidated damages, as imposed by CBP. Part of our service is requiring this information prior to sailing from origin, and guiding our client to remain in compliance.

7512 – In Bond Services

When cargo arrives to the United States from another country and remains in bond, documentation is required in order to move that cargo from one port to another, from port to a bonded facility, or to export to a third country. In Bond Services (7512) are provided to inform CBP where bonded cargo is at all times.

3461 / 7501 – Customs Clearance

Oceans Consolidators Inc. is a full-service, licensed U.S. Customs Broker. We are National Customs Brokers, which enables us to import merchandise from any port in the USA via RLF (Remote Location Filing). Whether you are considering importing perishables, merchandise for re-sale, manufacturing materials, goods returned to the USA, etc., we can assist you throughout your import and delivery process.

Other Government Agencies
(OGA) – FDA, DOT, FCC, Etc.

Our team has over 30 years’ experience in dealing with OGA’s such as, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department of Agriculture (USDA), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), US Fish and Wildlife (F&W), and The Federal Communications Commission. We work with each customer prior to the import of their shipment, to confirm they have the correct licenses and/or permits to import their product.

Continuous Customs Bonds

A Customs bond is a financial guaranty between 3 parties: the Insurance/Surety company issuing the Customs bond, the Principal (who is required to file the bond), and Customs & Border Protection (CBP). The Customs bond guarantees Customs & Border Protection that if they cannot collect monies due from the Principal they can seek remedy, up to the bond amount, from the Insurance/Surety Company. If you import frequently, the Continuous Bond is your best option, as it will cover all of your imports for an entire year. Our team can assist you in determining the coverage and type of bond you require.

Single Entry Bonds / ISF Bonds

When an importer does not have a Continuous Bond, the importer is then required to have both an ISF Bond and a Single Entry Bond. This covers one import. Importers that plan to import several times a year should consider a Continuous Bond which will last one calendar year.

AMS Filings

An Automated Manifest System (AMS) Filing is required by customs, whereby agents are responsible for submitting their manifests through AMS (24 hours prior to vessel sailing). If you are a shipper and need an agent in the USA to present your air or ocean manifest, our AMS experts can guide you through the necessary documents and can file your manifest via AMS.

Textile (807)

Overseas Freight Solutions has a team dedicated to importing Textile / Wearing Apparel. Our team can handle all aspects of the import, unload, segregation and distribution of product. We work with customer and buyer’s shipment cancel dates to ensure appointment and timely delivery of goods. Our team can handle imports in any port in the United States for final delivery or In Transit goods to final destination country. We also have the ability to provide additional services such as labeling, relabeling, re-packaging, palletizing and storage.

DDU (Deliver Duties Unpaid)

When a customer purchases a product from a manufacture or shipper in a foreign country, and they require the manufacturer or shipper to deliver the product all the way to the final user. When providing a DDU service, the customer in the United States is responsible for payment of all duties and customs related charges.

DDP (Delivery Duties Paid)

When a customer in the United States purchases product under DDP terms, it is the manufacturer or shipper in origin’s responsibility to deliver the product to the end user with Duties Paid. In most cases that Manufacturer or Shipper in origin is registered in the United States as a foreign importer. We offer the service to the manufacturer or shipper of customer brokerage, and complete the final leg of the supply chain to their buyer or end user.

Domestic Consumption / In Transit

Given the increased global economy, many importers choose to nationalize (pay duties) on part of their shipment and export the rest of their imported shipment. Our job as part of your logistics team is to consult with you on the best possible options to minimize impacting your landed cost.

Receiving and Segregation

When cargo arrives to the United States either consolidated or mixed, the customer may request that the cargo be segregated and palletized prior to delivery. Our warehouse is experienced in receiving packaged goods that must be segregated and palletized prior to delivery to final customer or customer’s distribution facility.