Our main facility located in Miami, Florida is our base of operations. Our facility is both for domestic and bonded (IBEC, CFS) cargo; and for the exclusive use of our customers. From our warehouse we provide all services that a customer may require. Receiving, loading, storage, pick & pack, packing list verification, and many more. We have space for over 1,600 pallets, and a large area for bulk only cargo. With our large truck court we can receive over dimension freight, and with our double wide door, we can store almost anything indoors. We have 7 dock level doors available for shipping and receiving; and we have a dedicated staff who are trained in handling many different kinds of freight

Loading Container

We are always interested in maximizing the amount of freight a customer can safely load in a container. Therefore we always verify dimensions, and weight of a customer’s cargo. Prior to loading, all the cargo is staged and verified by the warehouse manager. We take steps to make sure cargo is properly loaded and secured in the container.

Bar-code Verification

our warehouse is equipped with barcode readers. This allows us to transmit barcode information to our Warehouse Receipts, for example UPS and FedEx tracking numbers. This ensures accuracy for Web Tracking and historical purposes. We also use Bar-Code Verification when receiving cargo that requires verification. In many cases providing solutions to collect raw data on receiving cargo.

Order Fulfillment

in some cases, a customer may ask us to store some emergency merchandise in our warehouse to help manage their inventory. Our team is equipped, together with our inventory program, to offer order fulfillment services.


When cargo arrives to our warehouse that requires segregation, our team has the experience to perform this task accurately and in a timely manner. We have individuals who are experienced in following customer’s SOP’s for segregation and palletizing, in order to meet specific deadlines.


Customers that have products that they may not want to export or deliver all at once will require our services of distribution. We have the ability using our software to enter inventory and remove from stock on a scheduled basis or per order. Our customers can pull inventory reports directly from our web tracking system and have a real time view of what is currently in our warehouse.


Our warehouse is available to offer cross-docking services, whereby we unload an incoming semi-trailer truck and load the materials direction into outbound trucks or trailers with little or no storage in between.

Overdimension / Overweight Freight

Our warehouse is equipped with double wide doors which can accommodate most larger pieces of cargo. Our team will work with each customer and supplier to confirm weight / dimensions and discuss options for receiving in our warehouse. If the cargo is too large or too heavy, we have an experienced team in place who can handle pick-up, export shipment and delivery (if needed) of cargo requiring extra care.

Flack Rack / Platform Loading and Securing

We pride ourselves in having an experienced warehouse team, all of which are extensively trained on the different forklifts we use in our warehouse. Part of their training includes loading and unloading oversized / overweight equipment onto platforms and flat racks. All flat racks and/or platform loadings are overseen by the Warehouse Manager and most times, the owners themselves.

Bonded Cargo

As Customs Brokers, and Bonded Facility Providers, we handled the customer’s needs in house. This allows us to ensure all documentation is prepared and filed properly with US Customs. Even in cases when we don’t act as the broker or document preparation agent; our expertise allows us to verify the documentation is in good order, and request revisions when required. As a bonded facility provider, we offer our customer the convenience of loading their bonded cargo with domestic freight already in our possession.